OSFIC is a student organization designed to inform students about finance and investing by giving them the opportunity to be involved in managing a real investment fund. If you are interested in learning more about how to manage money and make important financial decisions, we encourage you to attend a meeting. Our meetings are interactive and all members have a chance to learn about important concepts in finance and to make presentations to the group on different stocks and other financial instruments.


Read our quarterly and annual investor reports. Along with industry outlooks from each of our sector heads. Additionally, read our Macroeconomic outlook to get up to date on what indicators we are watching.

Get to know the Oberlin Student Finance and Investment Club's management team. Learn more about our Co-Chairs and Lead Portfolio Manager. Also learn about our sector heads, each of whom oversee a sector of the financial markets. Each sector head works directly with a team of analysts to gain the best possible understanding of their sectors. 

Learn more about our asset allocation and how we bring together top-down and bottom-up investing strategies to identify value across financial markets.