The Oberlin College Finance and Investment Club has over $370,000 of Assets Under Management. We primarily invest in domestically traded equities and fixed income products. 

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Our Investment Strategy

The Oberlin Finance and Investment club looks to bring together the skills of liberal arts education and marry them with "hardcore" financial analysis. 

That being said when the club looks to make an investment two questions are asked:

  1. What is our over-arching market view?

  2. Do the financials of this company show us, that given our view, this company will have success?

We answer the above questions as follows:

  • First we develop an economic view

    • We look at macroeconomic indictors and industry research to get a sense market movement

  • Then we analyze a company's financial health

    • We take in depth looks at a company's

      • Balance sheet strength

      • Income statements

      • Cash Flows

      • Key Financial ratios

        • Debt to Asset Ratio

        • Profit Margin

        • Asset Turnover

        • EBITDA

The above constitutes a brief summary, if you are interested in learning more about how the club makes valuations please come out to a meeting.