Get to know our leadership team

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

John T. Pierce '18 (Co-Chair, Lead Portfolio Manager)

John Pierce is the Co-Chair and Lead Portfolio Manager of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. Under Pierce’s leadership the club has doubled it's membership, and has outperformed its benchmark for the second straight year. Since taking over leadership of the club in the fall of 2015, Pierce has revamped the club’s investment strategy, placing greater emphasis on fundamental valuation techniques. Pierce was instrumental in bringing multiple Training the Street seminars to Oberlin’s campus making Oberlin 1 of 60 undergraduate institutions to offer these opportunties to its students.

For the summer of 2017 Pierce will join Morgan Stanley's Fixed Income Sales and Trading team. During the summer 2016, Pierce worked as a Summer Analyst on the High Grade Fixed Income Portfolio team at PineBridge Investments in New York. While at PineBridge, Pierce analyzed and reported on credit quality across current and perspective holdings. Additionally, Pierce built models to analyze relative value across the IG Credit sectors, and analyze pre-payment risk of securities within the team’s Securitized Products position. During summer of 2015 Pierce worked as a Summer Analyst in the Investment Banking Group at KGS-Alpha Capital Markets in New York. At KGS, Pierce’s primary responsibilities included, the creation pricing models, industry research and transaction modeling. Over winter terms, Pierce spent time at MIAC Analytics and Westfield Research. At MIAC in 2016, Pierce worked on the Whole Loan Trading Desk, where his primary responsibilities included loan tape analysis and stratification, as well as cash flow modeling. At Westfield Research in 2015, Pierce worked in a research function, providing historical data analysis of futures contracts in hopes of determining calendar roll optimization.

Pierce’s other on campus activates include tutoring Intermediate Macroeconomics, Princeples of Finance, Introductory Economics and Introductory Statistics. Additionally, John is a member of the Oberlin Men’s Lacrosse where he is an offensive midfielder, and a member of the conference's Academic Honor Roll.

Pierce is an Economics Major originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Abraham Davis '17 (Co-Chair, Co-head of Healthcare)

Abraham Davis is a Co-Chair of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. He studies economics and politics at Oberlin, and has proceeded to work in the fast paced financial markets through an internship at ICAP. During his summer with the company, he gained broking and trading experience with OTC securities and received a full-time offer to return to the firm.

In the past two years as Co-Chair of the Investment Club, he has helped the group outperform its benchmark by providing market research, increase membership, and fundraise thousands of dollars to bring two financial training workshop’s to the Oberlin campus.

Outside of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club, Abraham is Captain of the Oberlin Men’s Varsity Tennis Team, and recipient of the $30,000 Geneen Scholarship provided by the Oberlin Economics and Politics departments.

Abraham enjoys skiing, music, and is from Syracuse, NY.


Lynn Giam '19 (Head of Maroeconomic Research)

Lynn Giam is the Head of Macroeconomics Research for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. Joining in her sophomore year, Lynn participated in the 2015 Training the Street Seminar on Corporate Valuation. Since the past year, Lynn has contributed in stock research and improved communication between the club and the Oberlin student body. As the Head of Macroeconomics Research, Lynn will discuss current economic trends and analyse their impacts on the stock market.

Lynn is a double degree student majoring in Performance Violin and Economics. Her past summer engagements include attending Aspen Music Festival 2015, Meadowmount School of Music 2016 on full scholarship, Sustainable Development Youth Conference and a summer internship at Dhoby Dental Surgery LLP. In the Sustainable Development Youth Conference, Lynn explored imminent problems in economic development and researched their impacts on the environment. Furthermore, she worked with other students to propose possible solutions to a panel of judges.

In her musical pursuit, Lynn was the sole beneficiary of $30,000 from Culina Pte Ltd in 2012 and a prize winner of the BRAND'S® Music Changes Lives 2011 Competition. She is currently under the tutelage of Professor Gregory Fulkerson.

Lynn, as an active member of the Oberlin student body, is part of Koreo, a student dance group. She was also selected to be part of the Student-Faculty Partnership Program 2016 where the faculty member and student discuss effective course framework and teaching methods. Lynn currently work as a student assistant to a senior cataloguer in the Oberlin Conservatory Library.

Jonas Loeb '18 (Treasuer)

Jonas Loeb is the Treasuer of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club.

For Winter Term 2016, Jonas spent time at Capital Financial Planning in Albany, New York. There, he assisted financial advisor representatives with portfolio construction, client review, data collection, clerical duties, client meetings and investment partner meetings.

Jonas is an active member of the Oberlin College community. He is a Resident Advisor for the 2015-2016 academic year and has been selected as a Lead Resident Advisor for the 2016-2017 academic year. Jonas is also a member of Solarity, the group responsible for planning the largest music festival on Oberlin's campus each semester. Finally, Jonas is a member of the Oberlin Varsity Men’s Lacrosse team as a goaltender.

Jonas is an Economics Major and Philosophy minor originally from Suffern, NY.

Meet our Sector Heads....

Jill Hostetler '17 (Energy, Materials and Indsutrials)

Jill Hostetler is the Sector Head of Energy, Materials and Industrials for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. During her tenure in the club Jill has conducted research on the energy industry in oil, natural gas, and renewables.

This past summer (and Winter Term 2016), Jill worked as an Equities Research Intern specializing in industrials at Marshfield Associates, a value investing firm with a high net worth clientele. As an intern, she worked with portfolio managers in identifying potential new holdings for the firm, with a few picks resulting in further action by Marshfield. Jill also worked with analysts in tracking and evaluating 2Q16 earnings from current holdings. She attended meetings with representatives from potential holding companies, and also attended asset valuation meetings.

Jill’s other campus activities include tutoring in middle school math classrooms, serving as a member on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and serving as a board member on the Sustainable Transportation Team. She is also a member of the Oberlin Volleyball team as an outside hitter, and also competes on the Oberlin Track and Field team, where she throws the javelin.

Jill is an Economics Major originally from Algonquin, Illinois.


Eric Hager '17 (Fixed Income, Utiliters, Co-Head Healthcare)

Eric Hager is the Sector Head of Fixed Income and Utilities for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. He is pursuing a degree in economics and expects to graduate in May 2017.

During the summer of 2014, Eric created pro forma financial statements for Barrientos, LLC, a prominent real estate development firm located in Seattle, WA, and ultimately aided in the completion of several large residential apartment projects. During winter term and summer of 2015 Eric worked in client solutions at MIAC Analytics, where he gained experience in loan pool valuation and analysis in addition to his duties with the team’s due diligence and business development groups. In July 2017 Eric will join the Kilter Group, a financial services and consulting firm located in down New York City, for whom he interned this past summer. In addition to his work with OSFIC, Eric plays offense for the Oberlin Men’s Lacrosse team, serves as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and devotes significant time to Oberlin Community Services (OCS).

Eric is originally from Montclair, NJ.

Aaron Kreiner '19 (Financials, Head of Quantitative Analysis)

Aaron Kreiner is the Head of Financials and Quantitative Analysis for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. He is currently pursuing an economics and math major at Oberlin College with a minor in computer science. Over the last Winter Term, Aaron studied and applied stochastic calculus and probability methods to equity trends. These techniques have been increasingly used to study high frequency trading and randomized processes in financial derivatives. Aaron's interests lie in quantitative finance, trading, and research.

In his time as a sector head, Aaron has headed weekly research of balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements using linear regression and time series analysis. He also researched technical trends of equities to understand volume and price trends to forecast price targets.

At Oberlin, Aaron is an intern for LaunchU, where he helps to evaluate new startup companies. In addition, Aaron is a mathematics and statistics tutor for the college.


Hassan Bin Fahim '19 (Information Technology, Telecommunications)

Hassan Bin Fahim is a sophomore International student from Rawalpindi, Pakistan who is working as the Sector Head for Telecommunications and Information Technology as part of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. Hassan is an Economics major with double minors in Politics and Religion. Hassan's particular interests are in developing markets, information technology and scientific innovation. Hassan is involved with, a website creation startup catering to developing markets that he started in his senior year of high school. He's also working with the Oberlin Business Partnership as a Business Development Intern where he's helping businesses in Oberlin better utilize information technology to assist in growth.

Hassan is one of five students serving on the Student Finance Committee which allocates over a million dollars of student funds to different organizations on campus. He's also the Chair for the South Asian Student's Association and the General Secretary for the Muslim Student's Association in Oberlin.

Karstan Minanov '18 (Consumer Products)

Karstan Minanov is in the sector head of both Consumer Staples and Discretionary sectors for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. Minanov’s work in both sectors has been critical in helping the Club outperform its benchmark.

Karstan is a chemistry and economics double major who is from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. He is currently involved in independent research into 9-sided cucurbiturals which he will be continuing this summer. This past summer he helped work at a medical outreach program where he learned to take blood pressures, interview patients, and watched how to diagnosis medical problems.

Karstan also participates in the Oberlin College Republicans and is a defenseman on the men’s varsity lacrosse team.