Get to know our Senior Leadership

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Aaron Kreiner '19 (Chief Investment Officer)

Aaron Kreiner is the Chief Investment Officer for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. During his time with the club, Aaron has created stock selection algorithms, performed technical analysis of equity price-volume trends, and ran regressions to correlate macro factors with equity prices.

During the past summer, Aaron worked at Nomura on the Securitized Products Research Desk. The summer before that, Aaron worked at MIAC (Mortgage Industry Advisory Company) on the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Desk. He built whole loan amortization tables to model principle cash flows based on pre-payment and default scenarios, programmed VBA input modules to model whole loans against 10-Year Treasury yields to benchmark whole loan performance, created Brownian Motion and Mean-Reversion interest rate models to project loan pre-payment speeds and price future cash flows, and programmed loan input template in VBA to process and map client loan tapes to automatically stratify them by pool characteristics such as geography, credit, and principle balance. During Winter Term 2016, Aaron studied and applied stochastic calculus and probability methods to equity trends. These techniques have been increasingly used to study high frequency trading and randomized processes in financial derivatives. Aaron's interests lie in quantitative finance, trading, and research.

On Campus, Aaron is an Economics and Mathematics Double Major with a Minor in Computer Science. Additionally Aaron tutors upper level mathematics and statistics.

Aaron is originally from Chicago, Illinois.


Lynn Giam '19 (Managing Director of Fundamental Analysis)

Lynn Giam is the Managing Director of Fundamental Analysis for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. Joining in her sophomore year, Lynn has since contributed the club through leading educational sessions on fundamental analysis, improving research processes, and club engagement with the student body. Upon graduation, Lynn will be joining the Wellington Management Company as an Investment Research Associate in Boston.

Lynn is a double degree student majoring in Performance Violin and Economics. Her past summer engagements include internships with the Wellington Management Company (2018), The Riverside Company (2017), and Partners Healthcare Investment Office (2017). She was a past scholar of the 2017 Girls Who Invest Summer Program, a non-profit summer intensive that aims to bring more women into portfolio management and corporate leadership.

In her musical pursuit, Lynn attended the Aspen Music Festival (2015) and the Meadowmount School of Music (2016) on a full scholarship. She was the sole beneficiary of $30,000 from Culina Pte Ltd in 2012 and a prize winner of the BRAND'S® Music Changes Lives 2011 Competition. She is currently under the tutelage of Professor Milan Vitek.

As an active member of the Oberlin student body, Lynn was selected to be part of the Student-Faculty Partnership Program (2016) and was part of the 2016 Oberlin Business Scholar. She currently works as an economics tutor, a student assistant to a senior cataloguer and a reference assistant in the Oberlin Conservatory Library.

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Christian Ikeokwu '21 (Managing Director of Quantitative Analysis and Lead Developer)

Chris is the managing director of quantitive analysis for the finance and investment club.


Kaitlyn Lucey '20 (Head of Women/Trans Investment Group and Treasuerer)

Katie Lucey is the Treasurer and Co-Founder of the Women and Trans Investment Subgroup of the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club.

Kate is originally from Massapequa, New York, and is an Economics and Arts Management double major. This past summer, Katie was selected to serve as a Mount Vernon Leadership Fellow, where she studied values-based leadership in the context of George Washington’s life and legacy. At Mount Vernon, she partnered with the Director of Accessibility of the Smithsonian Institution to develop a project to make the Allen Memorial Art Museum more accessible to blind visitors using 3D printing technology.

During Summer 2018, Katie interned at The Riverside Company in their venture fund, Riverside Acceleration Capital While at Riverside, Katie developed financial models to evaluate public and private companies in the enterprise software space and presented research on the digital advertising industry in the context of a potential add-on investment for an existing portfolio company.

On campus, Katie is the Co-Chair of the Student Honor Committee, the Arts & Culture editor of The Oberlin Review, a peer advisor at the Career Development Center, and a member of the Women and Trans in Economics committee. Her interests include visiting museums, drinking coffee, early American history, and listening to podcasts.


Maya Marrero English '20 (Associate of Fundamental Analysis and Head of Community Outreach)

Maya Marrero English is an Associate of Fundamental Analysis and the Head of Community Outreach. During her two years with the club, she has participated in weekly stock research, Training the Street seminars and has acted as liaison to the larger Oberlin community. This school year Maya is co-leading a new club initiative focused on Women in Finance.

On Campus, she is an Oberlin Business Scholar and a Track and Field Captain. She completes 10 hours of community service a week as a Bonner Scholar and member of the Bonner Leadership team. Maya is also a member of the Impact Investing Platform committee, a selected group that works to maintain sustainable investments in Oberlin’s endowment, and the Women and Trans Economics Major committee.

This past summer she interned with Wells Fargo as a Wealth and Investment Management Intern in New York City. During her internship, Maya evaluated client portfolio allocations, completed a fundamental analysis of the Socially Responsible (SRI) Model portfolio, and worked directly with Clients. In the summer of 2017 Maya interned with Art AIDS Art, a non-profit that promotes education and sustainable economic development for Women and Children in South Africa.

Meet our Officers


Noah Gabriel '20 (Vice President of Quantitative Analysis and Co-Head of Portfolio Analytics)

Noah Gabriel is the Vice President of Quantitative Analysis and Co-Head of Portfolio Analytics for the Oberlin Investment Club. He is a second year pursuing degrees in Economics and History.

During the summer of 2017, Noah interned with ALA Planning and Caramondani Bros. in Nicosia, Cyprus, helping to write and edit environmental impact assessments. Additionally, he worked for Phoebe Koundouri, Greece’s top environmental economist, and wrote a briefing on ecosystem valuation methodology. Noah has a passion for technical analysis, and enjoys reading in depth about stock and forex charting indicators and strategies.

Outside of economic pursuits, Noah plays rugby for Oberlin College, where he is also the treasurer. He is originally from Berkeley, California.


Elijah Aladin '19 (Vice President of Fundamental Analysis)

Elijah Aladin is the Vice President of Fundamental Analysis. Since joining the club, Elijah has worked closely with the leadership team to build and conceptual foundation of financial knowledge for new members as the club expands, like recommending restructuring the club’s investment pitch format in order to facilitate more time for informed discussion amongst all members.

Over the past summer, Elijah worked auditing over 200 budgets for the Oberlin College Student Activity Fund. He also coordinated with colleagues to independently manage a small fund. Doing this Elijah learned and applied elementary concepts of portfolio management, equity valuation, and stock selection. He will continue to hone these skills over winter term, during which he hopes to me exposed to more nuanced financial models.

Outside of class, Elijah is the acting Treasurer of the Student Activity Fund, where he manages and helps allocates approximately$1.4 million annually. He is a tutor in the Writing Center at the college as well as a general tutor for the local middle and high school in Oberlin. In his free time, he enjoys singing and studying statistical gambling theory.

Elijah is a third year at Oberlin College majoring in Economics with a Mathematical concentration and minors in Africana Studies and Rhetoric.

Scarlet Costello '21 (Associate of Quantitative Analysis)

Scarlett Costello is a second-year and Associate of Quantitative Analysis from Cary, Illinois. She is majoring in Economics with a Mathematics concentration, and is double minoring in Computer Science and East Asian Studies. She has particular interests in international trade policy, economic development, and entrepreneurship.

During the summer of 2018, Scarlett spent a semester at Seoul National University, taking courses in international trade policy and advanced Korean language. She carried out case studies of WTO disputes through research on economic impact and subsequent policy analysis. She participated in Oberlin’s 2018 LaunchU Pitch Competition, during which she covered methods of developing an idea into a viable enterprise, along with learning how to effectively present a pitch for the venture to potential investors. Scarlett is a 2018 participant in the Girls Who Invest Online Learners program, through which she was able complete the CFA Institute’s Investment Foundations Program.

On campus, Scarlett takes the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, and is a tutor for Principles of Economics.

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Jabree Hason '20 (Associate of Fundamental Analysis)

Jabree Hason is an Associate of Fundamental Analysis for the Investment Club. He is pursuing a degree in Economics and intends to graduate in Spring 2020. Jabree joined the club during his freshman year and has made contributions to stock research on a weekly basis.

Jabree used the summer of 2017 to advance his knowledge on financial regulation through an internship at Toronto-Dominion Bank. At Toronto-Dominion, he worked on numerous projects and familiarized himself with the anti-money laundering laws set forth in North American financial institutions. He has also participated in a finance accelerator program sponsored by Barclays, where he was introduced to the concepts of financial statements, valuations, discounted cash flows, and leverage buyout models.

In addition to his interest in finance, Jabree immerses himself in community service as an Oberlin College Bonner Scholar and is the co-founder of The Hason Children Foundation, a nonprofit organization based out of the Greater Philadelphia region. He is also a member of the Oberlin College Football team where he plays defensive back.

Jabree is originally from Sicklerville, NJ.


Griffin Cappelletti '21 (Associate of Fundamental Analysis and Co-Head of Portfolio Analytics)

Griffin Cappelletti is an Associate of Fundamental Analysis and the Co-Head of Portfolio Analytics in the Oberlin Finance & Investment Club. He is currently a sophomore, pursuing a degree in Economics. Since joining the club in September 2017, Griffin has contributed fundamental and technical research to help allocate the club's funds.

During Summer 2018, Griffin worked at Sunset Equity, a private lending company based in Los Angeles, where he was a Sales Analyst Intern in the Loan Origination Department. There, he secured loan deals for the company based upon its investment strategy.

Additionally, Griffin plays lacrosse for Oberlin College and is originally from Sherman Oaks, California.

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Jubreel Hason '20 (Associate of Fundamental Analysis)

Jubreel Hason is an Associate of Fundamental Analysis for the Oberlin Finance and Investment Club. He is majoring in Economics.

During summer 2017, Jubreel had the opportunity to participate in the Morgan Stanley Freshman Enhancement Program, where he was able to engage in enriching training and shadowing sessions to better understand functions within the Institutional Securities Group at Morgan Stanley. He also worked as a Compliance Intern at Toronto-Dominion Bank during summer 2017. At Toronto-Dominion, he assisted the data analytics team in ensuring adherence to fair banking regulation as applicable to Regulation C of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Outside of the classroom, Jubreel is a Bonner Scholar, through which he volunteers as a student business analyst for the Oberlin Business Partnership and as a math coach at the Oberlin Boys and Girls Club. He is also a member of the Oberlin College Football team as a defensive back. Additionally, Jubreel is a co-founder of The Hason Children Foundation, a non-profit that assists children who have lost a parent.

Jubreel is originally from Sicklerville, New Jersey.